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Fr 24

keine Vorstellung 

So 26

11:30  Filmklassiker im Lichtblick-Kino:
Matinée zum 75. Jubiläum der Weltpremiere
16:30  Beuys (OmeU)
18:30  Hoyerswerda 1991
mit anschließendem Filmgespräch in Anwesenheit des Filmteams

Mo 27

20:30  EXBLICKS:
Rosa von Praunheim:
Überleben in Neukölln –
Survival in Neukölln
in presence of director Rosa von Praunheim
22:30  Liebe auf Sibirisch (OmU)

Fr 01

keine Vorstellung 

Sa 02

14:00  Kinderfilm:
Karakum – Ein Abenteuer in der Wüste

in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Arend Agthe
15:45  Beuys (OmeU)
20:30  Berlin - Filme der Stadt:
Mann im Spagat – Pace, Cowboy, Pace

in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Timo Jacobs
22:30  Happiness (OmU)

Mo 04

20:30  Berlin - Filme der Stadt:
Mädchen in Koffer

in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Albrecht Hirche
22:00  Happiness (OmU)

Di 05

20:00  Berlin – Filme der Stadt:
Gestern Mitte Morgen
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Peter Zach

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AUXXX and Lichtblick-Kino present:
Light Echoes – Films by Rei Hayama & Makino Takashi

Wednesday, April 19th, from 21:00 h
with Live Performance

21:00 h
Films by Rei Hayama

Szenenfoto: »The Focus«

Screening followed by Q&A with Filmmaker/Artist Rei Hayama

The Focus
2013, 25 min, Music by Rei Hayama
The Film is constructed from rephotographed images collected from old pictorial books of volcano, nomad’s culture, war , mountains, some texts and simple color screens that are inserted between images. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story “The Earth’s Holocaust” is there as a background of this film. The story progresses along with two men’s talking while they watch huge bonfire that burns everything what human made. Inserted Texts in the film are not excerpt from “The Earth’s Holocaust,” but they were inspired by the story. Like the ending of “The Earth’s Holocaust,” “The Focus” tells in its theme "there is nonstop re-constructive nature of a human mind in any environment." About the technical aspects of “The Focus”, all still images were rephotographed in 35 mm film, after hand-processing they were scanned and digitised. And through this process a layer of historical indeterminacy is added to the film. Soundtrack is changeless. From the beginning to the ending, keys were pushed continually. But while we are listening, we’ll notice some change of waving sound depending on what our ears listen.

The Knot of Meridian
2015, 12 min, Music by Rei Hayama
“One day, one moment, the forest has its own time. The place without meridian. The empty place. The place without human. The place is always thought of as "forest" in our memory. The film is a suspense story of the forest which became smaller and forgotten in urban life.”


22:00 h
Films by Makino Takashi

Szenenfoto: »Kontrast 3D«

Screening followed by Q&A with Filmmaker/Artist Makino Takashi

Ghost of OT301
2014, 9 min, Music by Inconsolable Ghost
Inspired from first live performance of Inconsolable Ghost at OT301, Amsterdam.

Cinema concret
2015, 23 min, Music by Machinefabriek
After the research of history of Concrete Music which started by Pierre Schaeffer in 1940’s I found the process of making Concrete Music is completely same with my style of filmmaking. The process of "concrete music" is not making concrete music from abstract sounds. but making abstract music from concrete sounds (already existing sounds).I can say this film is one of the answer from 21 century’s filmmaker for Pierre Schaeffer and Concrete Music, and also one of the ironical interpretation for the history of the abstract cinema.
(Makino Takashi, 15.5.2015)

Kontrast 3D
20 min, Live Music by Makino Takashi with secret guest
This work was created in Friesland, 2016, as a artist in residenct program. Inspired my M.C. Escher’s work and words.

Rei Hayama
Rei Hayama is a Japanese artist who mainly works on moving image. After many thoughtful experiences among wildlife at the unique environment in her youth, Rei Hayama she studied at Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts, Tama Art University and started lmmaking since 2008. Rei Hayama is considering the imagery of others -animal, wildlife, nature- in visual culture and the treatment of it. And through lm and video works with sound, a poetic writings and symbolical images such as recorded body action, Rei Hayama has been seeking the harmoniousness between human and others. Currently she lives in Kanagawa, and doing screenings and exhibitions at various locations such as lm festival, art museum and gallery internationally. In 2016, her work had been screened among other venues at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography(Tokyo), Museum of the Moving Image (New York), Tromsø International Film Festival.

Makino Takashi
Filmmaker/Artist based in Yokohama, Japan. Makino created more than 30 short films from 1997. His work had been shown at several of International Film Festival and art museums and galleries worldwide. One of the most active Avant-Garde filmmakers in Japan.

Since 2006 AUXXX has been bringing audiences in Amsterdam and Berlin unique evenings of music, film, dance, poetry and performance, specialising in programs with new and unexpected combinations. AUXXX has succeeded in combining diverse artists and their audiences in a special way, tapping into creative undercurrents and opening up new channels.