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Mi 19

17:15  Yours in Sisterhood (OmU)
19:00  Der Himmel küsst die Berge
in Anwesenheit der Regisseurin Pascale Schmidt

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Soundwatch presents:

Punk Is Not Dead in Estonia

Wednesday, August 8th, 20:00 h
host and introduction: Joonas Vangonen (author, music scolar),
in presence of Julia Tomberg (editor)

A German Premiere in cooperation with Estnische Botschaft Berlin and Soundwatch Berlin Music Film Festival: A documentary about punk then and now in Estonia – and the Berlin–Tallinn punk connection.

(The fomerly announced film “Pets and Berlin” will not be screened.)

More than Life (OmeU)

Original title: Enam Kui Elu, Documentary, Estonia 2018, 73 min, Director: Indrek Spungin, Taavi Arus

Freddy Grenzmann is the last Estonian rockstar. He is a poet and singer in the punk-rock band Psychoterror. The term rockstar stands for a phenomenon that is outside the norms of tradition and is larger than life. What can be said about Freddy is that he is not normal neither on stage nor in life. The energy that flows through his veins has not enough room in his body.

His creation and life are the same. He seems to be someone with everything always at stake. He seems to be constantly walking on the edge. What makes Freddy interesting is not social or textual love for the game, but the quantity he has put into the game, the probability of losing oneself totally and the depth of indicative humane or metaphysical anguish.

This is a story about the last rockstar and poet, his work and anatomy of a punk band.

The cast includes members of the band: Freddy Grenzmann, Lauri Leis, Margus Müil, Sven Liba, Sven Kimmel and special guest stars: Hasso Krull, Koit Raudsepp, Marko Mäemets, Marko Mägi, Raul Saaremets, Raul Velbaum, Siim Nestor, Valner Valme, Villu Tamme and others.