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Mo 25

20:30  EXBLICKS:
in presence of director Carlotta Kittel

Di 26

17:00  Beuys (OmeU)
20:30  Blind & Hässlich
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Tom Lass
22:30  Mr. Long (OmU)

Do 28

18:00  Beuys (OmeU)

Fr 29

keine Vorstellung 

Sa 30

17:00  1917 – Der wahre Oktober (OmeU)
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurin Katrin Rothe
22:00  Zurück auf Anfang:
Katrin Rothe:
Die Ex bin ich

in Anwesenheit der Regisseurin

Mi 04

17:15  Beuys (OmeU)
19:00  Sacco & Vanzetti (OmU)
mit anschließender Diskussion mit dem Autor Gerhard Hanloser

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Mein wunderbares West-Berlin
My Wonderful West Berlin

Documentary, D 2017, 95 min, directed by Jochen Hick, with Egmont Fassbinder, Romy Haag, Peter Hedenström, Gerhard Hoffmann

Today’s hip image of Berlin is based on the city’s vibrant and subversive subcultures, which originally emerged within the grey walls surrounding West Berlin. The queer scene played a major role in creating that subculture, with its sexual diversity and its wild and unconstrained party culture, ranging from notorious clubs to CSD. Many of the scene’s actors, such as the Gay Museum, the Teddy Award, AIDS help organisations, and the queer magazine »Siegessäule« originated before 1989.

Yet gays in West Berlin suffered greatly under an incongruous provision in German law – the infamous Paragraph 175 – that made homosexual acts between men a crime up until its reform in 1969. Raids and arrests in bars were common, yet ultimately failed in suppressing gay life in West Berlin. Instead, the city turned into a gay capital. The late seventies in particular were a period of great sexual and political freedoms and more intense social intermingling between the gay-, hetero-, and transsexual worlds. Then AIDS struck, wrecking greater havoc in Berlin than in any other German city.

Di 01.08. 18:00 Uhr