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Mo 27

19:00  Berlin – Filme der Stadt
Mädchen in Koffer
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Albrecht Hirche
Lord of the Toys
in presence of director Pablo Ben Yakov and cinematographer André Krummel

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Di 28

17:00  get me some HAIR! (OmeU)
20:30  Macht das alles einen Sinn? – Und wenn ja, warum dauert es so lange?
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Andreas Wilcke
22:15  Lord of the Toys (OmeU)

Mi 29

17:00  Lord of the Toys (OmeU)
20:30  Berlin – Filme der Stadt
Gestern Mitte Morgen
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Peter Zach
22:15  get me some HAIR! (OmeU)

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EXBERLINER presents:

EXBERLINER’s English Days @ achtung berlin – the new berlin film award

Apr 14–16, 2018

Join us for a long weekend of highlights, all screening with English subtitles, moderation and appearances by directors and protagonists.

In addition to three outstanding documentaries on migration and multiculturalism, we’re showing Nina Vukovic’s intense drama “Detour” and Duc Ngo Ngoc’s engrossing “Farewell Halong”.

Sunday tickets include a free brunch buffet courtesy of Kreuzberg bistro Chez Michel!

Further information:

Sat 14, 6:00 pm

Farewell Halong (OmeU)

Documentary, D 2017, 97 min, directed by Duc Ngo Ngoc

Nguyen Van Cuong and his wife live in a self-made cabin located on a raft offshore Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam. Their only son Quy has been living ashore for seven years as he goes to school there. Things change radically when the government orders a resettlement of their floating village Tò Bò Nâu in 2014. The family that has been sleeping, cooking and working by the sea for generations, needs to face an uncertain future – ashore or offshore.

in presence of the director Duc Ngo Ngoc

Sat 14, 8:15 pm

Detour (OmeU)

D 2017, 80 min, directed by Nina Vukovic, starring Luise Heyer, Lars Rudolph, Alex Brendemühl, Ilja Bultmann, Anne Ratte-Polle, Marc Philipps

Alma and Jan are having an complicated affair. In order to force his love, Alma runs away with Jan's small son Juri. Accompanied by the delivery man Bruno, the two drive in the direction of Berlin. At a rest stop, he tries clumsily to get closer to Alma. As she rebuffs him, he can’t handle this at all.

in presence of the director Nina Vukovic

Sun 15, 11:30 am

Zentralflughafen THF – Central Airport THF (OmeU)

Documentary, D/F/BR 2018, 97 min, directed by Karim Aïnouz

Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport remains a place of arrivals and departures. Today its massive hangars are being used as one of Germany’s largest emergency shelters for asylum seekers including 18-year-old Syrian student Ibrahim and Iraqi physiotherapist Qutaiba. They patiently and cheerfully try to find some daily rotinesestablish aroutine whilst attending social services interviews, German lessons and medical exams.

in presence of the protagonist Ibrahim Alhussein

Sun 15, 2:30 pm

Die neuen Kinder von Golzow – The New Children of Golzow (OmeU)

Documentary, D 2017, 90 min, directed by Simone Catharina Gaul

There are too few children in the small village of Golzow, once well-known for its film project “The Children of Golzow”. The mayor comes up with the idea of inviting refugee families in order to save the elementary school from closing down. Once Halima and Fadi from Syria arrive with their three children, the integration project starts.

in presence of the director Simone Catharina Gaul

Mon 16, 8:15 pm

Montags in Dresden – Merkel Must Go (OmeU)

Documentary, D 2017, 83 min, directed by Sabine Michel

René, Sabine and Daniel are members of the German nationalist group Pegida. Pegida protesters have been gathering in Dresden for their weekly Monday marches in order to demonstrate and proclaim their patriotic views. “Merkel Must Go” and “We Are The People” are their most common exclamations.

Born in Dresden, Sabine Michel follows the protagonists for one year, attends demonstrations with them and tries to understand and capture the people behind the nationalist movement. “Merkel Must Go” searches for individual motivations for supporting a patriotic worldview and depicts the absurd as well as the real fears of our present time.

in presence of the director Sabine Michel

EXBERLINER’s English Days @ achtung berlin – the new berlin film award
Apr 14–16, 2018

Festival tickets:
Films 7,50 € (Screenings will be followed by Q&As)
Sunday Film Brunch (Film + Brunch): 10,– €

Brunch kindly supported by Chez Michel and Flying Roasters.

Monday 30.4., 20:30 h


Winner achtung berlin EXBERLINER Film Award (OmeU)

in presence of the director

“achtung berlin” will be over, but you don’t have to miss out on the best of the fest. This is your chance to catch the winner of the internationally-minded Exberliner Award jury.