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So 20

18:30  Der Duft des Westpakets
in Anwesenheit der Regisseurinnen Maja Stieghorst & Brit-J. Grundel
22:30  Born in Evin (OmU)

Mo 21

20:00  Born in Evin (OmU)
in Anwesenheit der Regisseurin Maryam Zaree

Di 22

20:30  Berlin – Filme der Stadt
Symphony of Now

in Anwesenheit des Produzenten Max Hassemer
22:00  Born in Evin (OmU)

Mi 23

17:00  Born in Evin (OmU)
20:30  Berlin – Filme der Stadt
Die 60. Vorstellung!

in Anwesenheit von Regisseur Lucian Busse

Fr 25

keine Vorstellung 

So 27

15:15  Born in Evin (OmU)
20:00  easy love
mit anschließender Diskussion mit dem Paar- und Sexualtherapeuten Ralf Sturm

Di 29

20:00  Deckname Jenny
in Anwesenheit des Filmteams
22:30  easy love

Fr 01

keine Vorstellung 

Sa 02

16:45  Born in Evin (OmU)
20:00  Weitermachen Sanssouci
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Max Linz
21:45  Parasite (OmeU)

Mo 04

18:30  Born in Evin (OmU)
20:15  Parasite (OmeU)

Di 05

18:30  Born in Evin (OmU)
20:15  Parasite (OmeU)

Mi 06

20:00  Das Gegenteil von Grau (OmeU)
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Matthias Coers
22:00  Parasite (OmeU)

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Art Girls (OmeU)

Monday, 9.11., 20:30 h
in presence of the filmmaker Robert Bramkamp

D 2013, 120 min, Director: Robert Bramkamp, Art Director: Susanne Weirich, Starring: Inga Busch, Peter Lohmeyer, Megan Gay, Jana Schulz

Succeeding – improbably – in merging a number of socio-artistic-political issues in a kind of giant meta-narrative, Robert Bramkamp’s romantic Sci-Fi arthouse parody “Art Girls” pits three struggling female artists against gallery greed, gender imbalance and the male dominion of scientific mumbo-jumbo in the lugubrious nether regions of Berlin’s struggling art scene.

From mind-bending streams of artistic consciousness that have the power to engender an evolutionary leap to scenes of our very own TV Tower on Alex bending to the wind of these unbridled forces, “Art Girls” is quite the zeitgeist statement and enacted on a mini-budget – to be presented by Exberliner and Bramkamp himself, and followed as always by complimentary drinks.

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Berlin flicks and the people who made them in a real Kiez Kino