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Do 19

19:00  Wildes Herz
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Sebastian Schultz
21:00  Der Hauptmann (OmeU)

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Fr 20

keine Vorstellung 

Mo 23

18:00  Der Hauptmann (OmeU)
20:00  Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years (OmU)
in Anwesenheit der Regisseurin Dagmar Schulz und der Co-Autorin Ika Hügel-Marshall
22:15  Wildes Herz

Di 24

18:15  Der Hauptmann (OmeU)
20:30  Zurück auf Anfang
Robert Schwentke: Eierdiebe

in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs
22:15  Wildes Herz

Mi 25

18:00  Der Hauptmann (OmeU)
20:00  Deckname Jenny
in Anweseheit des Filmteams
22:15  Wildes Herz

Fr 27

keine Vorstellung 

So 29

18:00  Mietrebellen (OmeU)
in Anwesenheit des Filmteams
20:00  Zeit für Utopien
in Anwesenheit von Mitglieder der union coop // föderation
22:00  Wildes Herz

Mo 30

20:30  ExBlicks:
Winner achtung berlin EXBERLINER Film Award
in presence of the director
22:30  Wildes Herz

Di 01

keine Vorstellung 

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EXBERLINER presents:


Mixed Messages (OV)

Monday, October 30th, 20:30 h
in presence of director Kanchi Wichmann

Germany 2017, 75 min, written & directed by Kanchi Wichmann, cast: Alana Lake, Cleo Jacobe, Liz Rosenfeld, Elly Clarke, Anja Kümmel, Sadie Lune, Sergina Xuparina, Ann Antidote, Skyler Braeden Fox

“Mixed Messages” is a ten episode comedy web series that follows Ren through her year of being single in the Berlin queer scene. Ren, a 36 year-old dyke from London, moves to Berlin looking for love and adventure, but soon becomes mired in confusion and turmoil. As she lurches from one ambiguous dating scenario to the next we focus on the moment where what could be a real connection turns instead to confusion and/or rejection. As the series progresses Ren becomes increasingly bewildered and frustrated, but also increasingly unable to communicate her own feelings and needs. As she struggles to decipher her dates’ mixed messages Ren ends up by sending out a few mixed messages of her own.

An accident with her menstrual cup at a gay bar leaves Ren stranded in the toilets whilst her date hooks up with someone else. A hot date at a bondage workshop turns sour when Ren’s date leaves her bound and gagged in order to take a phone call from her ex. Things seem promising when Ren heads out to a queer squat party with someone from her German class, but as Ren moves in for the kiss her date is already checking out her Tinder profile eager to pursue the next encounter. A brief foray into polyamoury ends up with Ren drunk, with lipstick all over her face, trailing a broken hoover out into the night.

Using the obvious comedy inherent in the material, “Mixed Messages” shows the less glamourous flipside of the popular image of Berlin as a mecca for international queer and trans folks looking to explore and express their wildest desires.

EXBlicks – A film & Chat Series
Berlin flicks and the people who made them in a real Kiez Kino