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Di 19

19:00  Double-Feature:
Münchner Räterepublik –
Zur Revolution

Rote Räte + Es geht durch die Welt ein Geflüster

mit anschließender Diskussion mit den Filmemacher*innen, Moderation: Samira Fansa
22:30  Bamboo Stories (OmU)

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Mi 20

17:00  Bamboo Stories (OmU)
18:30  Im inneren Kreis
in Anwesenheit des Regieteams
22:15  Parasite (OmeU)

Do 21

18:00  Land des Honigs (OmU)

Fr 22

keine Vorstellung 

So 24

14:15  Land des Honigs (OmU)
15:45  Parasite (OmeU)
18:00  Doku-Doppel-Abend:
30 Jahre Mauerfall:

Der Ost-Komplex

in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Jochen Hick

Mo 25

20:00  One World Berlin – Menschenrechte aktuell
Themenabend zum Rechts-Rock

mit anschließendem Gespräch mit dem Filmemacher Adrian Oeser und Timo Büchner, Experte für Rechts-Rock und Buchautor
22:30  Land des Honigs (OmU)

Di 26

20:00  Deckname Jenny
in Anwesenheit des Filmteams
22:30  Land des Honigs (OmU)

Fr 29

keine Vorstellung 

Mo 02

18:15  Parasite (OmeU)

Mi 04

17:00  Bamboo Stories (OmU)
20:00  Punk Film Fest Berlin präsentiert
A Global Mess

in Anwesenheit der Filmemacher

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kurz gesehen

Tsuyoshi Shoji: Short Film Program

Saturday, November 23rd, 18:15 h
in presence of the director

Tsuyoshi Shoji started his career when he was student at Musashino Art University. His early work “Lost in the Garden” won the Special Jury Award at the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in 1995. After that, he directed many works in wide genre, from independent to commercial film. “Kenka Bancho the movie series” (2008–2011) and “The OneeChanbara Vortex” (2009) are both based on famous game titles. Tsuyoshi Shoji is also active as a VFX professional. The short film “Old Narcissus” (2017) has been awarded 10 prizes and was screened at over 20 film festivals in 7 countries.

Old Narcissus

Japan 2017, 21 min

Yamazaki, a narcissistic and gay picture book writer for seniors, struggles to bear with his deforming, aging figure. While at play with young and aesthetic Leo, Yamazaki takes a fall and discloses his agony of aging, but it does not strike young Leo. Left in solitude, Yamazaki runs toward self-harming acts finding partnership with others less pleasant than himself.
Regardless it’s complex character setting, this must-see film has won 10 titles in domestic and overseas film festivals in 2018.

Blurred Citylights

Japan 2016, 18 min

A strange woman ghost dressed in a swimsuit haunts Kikukawa, a fallen photographer. He comes to realize that the ghost is Emiri Tachibana, an uncelebrated bikini model that he once photographed. Kikukawa, destitute after his lover drove him out of their house, and Tachibana, forlorn and stuck in the living world. Two lost individuals share their true feelings in the streetlights of Tokyo.
An offbeat fantasy with Kojima Keitany Love’s soft melting tune in the background setting the scenes of the city night.


Japan 2007, 20 min

“Qwer”, a young online gamer, encounters an avatar “Ame” one day in an area fallen to ruins since the loss of its owner. A dialogue-based drama that runs in the form of chat logs within the gaming world setting.
An ambitious work that portrays the existence of human lives made conspicuous in the contrast of the non-physical world where scenes take place in the game screen. An unanticipated masterpiece by a director who actually spent his late twenties hooked up as an online gamer.

Homosocial Dancing

Japan 2019, 11 min

A feeble and coward student boy has a crush on a madonna worshipped by a group of hip boys. He makes an attempt to ask her out only to get rejected but it raises an unexpected commotion among the group.
An ambitious work that broaches on the themes of misogyny (dislike of women) and homo-sociality distinctive in the male society that emerge from conflicts and solidarity between men over a single woman!