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Do 24

18:00  Rue de Blamage (OmU)

Fr 25

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Di 29

18:00  Genesis 2.0 (OmU)
20:00  Deckname Jenny
in Anwesenheit des Filmteams
22:30  Rue de Blamage (OmU)

Mi 30

17:00  Genesis 2.0 (OmU)
19:00  Rue de Blamage (OmU)
20:30  Das Gegenteil von Grau (OmeU)
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Matthias Coers

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Asia Film Berlin präsentiert:

Saturday Asia

Animation Short Films (OmeU)

Saturday, June 16th, 20:30 h
Woo Jin: “Beautiful”

Asia Film Berlin presents in June creative and selected animation short films from Korea. The collection of films has mostly no spoken dialogue but sound.

Animator Woo Jin on her film “Beautiful”:
“This picture portrays the society’s heavy influence on the unification of individual characters in this world.”

The filmmaker will attend the screening to talk about her recent work.

Presented by Asia Film Berlin.
Asian Film Berlin (AFB) plays a major role in introducing Asian films to international audiences. From art films to timeless classics, AFB has been distributing and promoting high-quality Asian films since 2016.