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Future Sailor and Soundwatch present:

Tartan Tunes – Scottish Postpunk
(Double Feature)

Saturday, May 25th, from 7:30 pm
Q&A with director Grant McPhee

Big Gold Dream (engl. OV)

UK 2015, 92 min, Regie: Grant McPhee, featuring Malcolm Ross (Orange Juice), Billy Rankine (Associates), Simon Reynolds

In late 1970’s Scotland, a new wave of talent and entrepreneurial spirit was rising up. Amongst the mundane routines of an economically stagnant country, the youth were craving a creative outlet. This was a moment in music history where ordinary people would break conventions in a bid to create something new and provocative. “Big Gold Dream” portrays key bands such as Orange Juice, Josef K, Fire Engines and more as well as Edinburgh label Fast Product (which later released Human League from Sheffield as well as Gang of Four and Mekons from Leeds) and its poppier Glasgow counterpart Postcard. With iconic sounds and little seen archive material, this documentary is a celebration of the making and marketing of a movement within music. The film is narrated by legendary Australian singer-songwriter Robert Forster, whose band Go Betweens gained cult status while signed to Postcard.

Teenage Superstars (engl. OV)

UK 2017, 107 min, Regie: Grant McPhee, featuring Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), Duglas T. Stewart (BMX Bandits), Alan McGee (Creation Records), Thurston Moore

Scotland, 1982. The stars of “Big Gold Dream” had either split up or taken the Big Gold Road south to major label success in London.

Glasgow was left with an independent void, but the seeds sown earlier would lead to a new era of rebellion. Punk was reborn in the shape of a new, rougher style of independent music. No longer would bands look to tidy themselves up and sign to a major record label in the hope of appearing on Top of the Pops. Independent music in Scotland now meant ‘No Compromise’.

“Teenage Superstars” tells the story of what happened next in the world of Scottish Independent Music with bands like The Jesus & Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Soup Dragons, Vaselines (a big influence on Kurt Cobain) and supergroup BMX Bandits as well as lindie überlabel Creation (later home of Britpop titans Oasis) The film, narrated by US alt.rock icon Kim Deal (Pixies, Breeder), bursts with new interviews, rare archive, untold stories and some of the most amazingly difficult, scratchy, noisy, genius pop music ever given to the world.

Sonder-Eintrittspreis für beide Filme zusammen: 12 €