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Feministisches FIlmfestival

Vierte Welle Film Festival –
Fourth Wave Feminist Film Festival Berlin 2019

Saturday, 30.11. + Sunday, 1.12.
with discussions

The feminist Festival Vierte Welle, aims to provide visibility to women artists and help to raise awareness of gender inequality, citizen participation, work to prevent prejudice, fight against discrimination through audiovisuals, “Made by Women”, of the so-called Fourth-wave feminism.The Fourth-wave feminism is articulated through the creation of audiovisual and written contents of philosophical, political, economic, social, ecological and cultural character; academic or not, and the dissemination of them through social networks and traditional media.

The festival is organised by Karne Kunst and Xochicuicatl e.V.

Saturday, 30.11., 6 pm

#metoo – Violence Against Women
Short film program & discussion


Brazil 2019, 1 min, directed & produced by Alexia Maltner
This is a movie that speaks in behalf all the raped victims in Brazil and in the world. Let’s not keep in silence. Stop believing that’s the victims’ fault. The guilty is who attack, the guilty is the aggressor!

I Am Naked
France 2019, 2:20 min, directed by Alexandra Mignien, produced by Et Bim
A young girl wakes up and gets ready for her day. Until she goes out to wait for the bus, still being totally naked. She seems to feel more and more thoughtful, while people around her strangely never notice.

Chile 2019, 4 min, directed by Camila Rodó Carvallo, produced by Camila Ramirez
After an unfortunate event at a party, two friends decide to take action on the matter.

5:03 AM
Mexico 2019, 13 min, directed by Abril Schmucler Iñiguez, produced by Abril Schmucler Iñiguez & Alacsva Cadenas
In the intimacy of her bathroom, Paulina gets undressed, cleans off her make-up and submerges herself in the bathtub. It’s through social media that we become witnesses of the tragedy that she just experienced: sexual abuse.

Time to Change
Iran 2019, 15 min, directed by Maryam Rahimi, produced by Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini
The causes that are linked to the oppression of society which tend to support mainly men, force women to change their destiny.

What Remains
Germany 2019, 8:30 min, directed by Chiara Fleischhacker, produced by Antonia Bernkopf
At the end of her wedding day, the bride Elaha has locked herself in the bathroom with her two closest friends to insert an artificial hymen inside her. But now Elaha is hesitating. The clock is ticking and the bathroom seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

Mothers of Luna
Spain 2019, 15 min, directed by Alicia Albares, produced by Al Diaz & Pedro de la Escalera
Four women of different places in the world, are united by the voice of a very special baby: the little girl that was not able to be born of them, but who lived in their tummies. She narrates her past lives while struggles for her primary goal: to be born.

La llorona
Mexico 2019, 5 min, directed by Adriana Ronquillo, produced by La Furia Estudio
“La Llorona” is an interdisciplinary art project to raise awareness for feminicides in Mexico. A group of artists, researchers, teachers, mothers, activists, and journalists from Netherlands and Mexico concerned about this situation, where involved in its making, to support change.

16 Weeks
Spain 2019, 5:40 min, directed by Carlota Coronado, produced by Carlota Coronado & Raquel Pedreira
Vanessa is the perfect candidate for the job, but…

Germany 2019, 9 min, directed by Wiebke Becker, produced by Knallrot Filme
The actress Paula (Haley Louise Jones) comes to Anjas (Julia Grafflage) photography studio for a special shooting. During the photoshoot an intense conversions about beauty, power and abusiveness develops between the women. #allesinunordnung is a fictional short film inspired by the #metoo debate.

Saturday, 30.11., 8 pm

Short film program & discussion


The belief that all human beings should have a positive body image, while challenging the ways in which society presents and views the physical body.

The Many Mothers
Mexico 2019, 3:17 min, directed by Stephanie Brewster, produced by Alacsva Cadenas
The many mothers is a short film about diverse women and their right to make the choices they decide to make.

Santa Sangría
Spain 2019, 4 min, directed by Roser Tananbum. Baptiste Grandin, produced by SacrÉ Films Roser Tananbum
In a Spanish bar, a young waitress takes the order of three men in their forties. Two of them order beers. The third man asks the waitress for something special.

Riot not Diet
Germany 2019, 17 min, directed by Julia Fuhr Mann, produced by Andreas Günther
“Riot Not Diet” creates a queer feminist utopia far away from BMI norms and male* gaze. The short film creates a colorful universe in which fat women* and queers put up resistance against patriarchy and self-optimization.

Zabriskie Point
Germany/Italy 2019, 4 min, directed by Jules Herrmann, produced by Godehard Giese
“Zabriskie Point” celebrates women: their strength, their femininity, their fighting spirit, their joie de vivre and their proud individuality. They resist the stereotypical hero images that are spread in the media.

Mind(less) Body
Mexico 2019, 3 min, directed by Ana Falcón, produced by Shruti Sidhan
A woman reflects on the relationship between her mind and her body.

Ukraine 2019, 2:41 min, directed & produced by Alona Shylova
A poem dedicated to all the women around the world.

Erotic (M)Others
Chile 2019, 5 min, directed & produced by Senoritaugarte
“Erotic (M)others” is a play on words in which “eros” (god of sexual attraction, love and sex) is an affirmation of women’s vital drives; of that creative energy, whose knowledge and use we are claiming now in our HERstory.

La Vitruviana
Germany 2019, 2:13 min, directed & produced by Maria Korporal
What would happen if a female figure takes the place of the male figure of the Vitruvian Man? Will the divine spell with the universe brake up?

France/Iran 2019, 3 min, directed by Anne Jammet, produced by Raise up Films
“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.”
A dancing story about an Iranian girl who loves boxing.

Turkey 2019, 4:35 min, directed & produced by Gökçe Onur
A sculptor starts to build a sculpt in a woman body form. The sculpture takeovers her own body and sculpts herself. How flexible can the boundaries of body be?

Japan 2019, 5 min, directed & produced by Lisa Kusanagi
“Ripe” examines the politics of women’s bodies as they are hyper-sexualized in media and culture—bodies on the front lines of pleasure-selling industries.

Beauty Has No Size
Slovenia 2019, 11 min, directed by Vesna Klančer, produced by Luksuz Produkcija
The film is about Vesna who is a curvy model on the fashion show in Bologna. We can recognize the fact that all the women should accept themselves as they are, simply beautiful.

Sunday, 1.12., 6 pm

Short film program & discussion


The interplay between any kinds of discrimination, whether it’s based on gender, race, age, class, socioeconomic status, physical or mental ability, gender or sexual identity, religion, or ethnicity.

Until the End of the World
Colombia/Brazil 2019, 16 min, directed & produced by Juma Marruá & Margarita Rodriguez
This film was a ritual attempt to heal the colonial pains, those open wounds that still hurt us all, human and nonhuman: natures of Abya Yala.

Indonesia 2019, 1 min, directed by Kiki Febriyanti
Menstruation is still taboo. When she feels awkward to buy “bread”, misunderstanding happens.

Germany 2019, 5 min, directed & produced by Juliana Moreira Streva
Skin, flesh, corpus, identity, violence | crossing the borders of Berlin to Brazil, carne is an audiovisual denounce of the political extermination committed against black, indigenous, women and LGBTQ+ people, during the presidential elections for Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, 2018. the videoart is a corporeal scream for self-care, resistance and articulation.

Coffin Decolleté
Egypt 2019, 5 min, directed by Nancy Kamal, produced by CEOSS
Minor girl noticed wedding preparations in her home. She is shocked because she did not expect to be the bride.

Eclipse de Kreeh
Norway 2019, 8 min, directed & produced by Violeta Mal
In 1964, at Lake Fagnano, Tierra del Fuego, Anne Chapman meets Lola Kiepja and Angela Loij. Lola sings, Angela translates and Anne records the chamana’s songs on a tape recorder. The last Selk’nam shaman.

Women Standing By
Mexico 2019, 9 min, directed by Larissa Rojas, produced by Yuria Rojas
In March 2019 women from all around the world met for the second time aiming to share, organize and heal among themselves. And again, they share this light that shines the world.

Argentina 2019, directed by Mayra Nieva, produced by Nahuel Carlos Almada
In the 1980, in a village in the valleys of Jujuy, Argentina, a transgeder woman, is called up for military service.

The festival is organised by Karne Kunst and Xochicuicatl e.V.
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