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Do 20

18:00  An Impossible Project (OmU)
19:45  Pleasure (OmU)

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Di 25

18:15  An Impossible Project (OmU)
20:00  Bilder (m)einer Mutter
in Anwesenheit der Regisseurin Melanie Lischker
22:00  Pleasure (OmU)

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Verbotene Filme – Forbidden Films (OmeU)

Tuesday, 1.3., 20:30 h
in presence of the director Felix Moeller

Germany 2014, 93 min, Director: Felix Moeller

Over 70 years after the end of the Third Reich, some 40 Nazi propaganda films moulder in German archives, banned for their racist, anti-Semitic or Nazi-glorifying content. Director and historian Felix Moeller takes a look at these “Verbotene Filme” (forbidden films) and questions whether they should be released to the public in his hard-hitting 2014 documentary. Scenes from the anti-Communist “Hitlerjunge Quex”, the anti-Polish “Heimkehr” and the infamously anti-Semitic “Jud Süss” are shown interspersed with talking heads of German history and film professionals, along with the reactions of modern-day audience members and even neo-Nazis.

In cooperation with realeyz.tv, Exberliner presents a special screening of Moeller’s film followed by a Q&A with the director and the usual complimentary refreshments.

EXBlicks – A film & Chat Series
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