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EXBERLINER presents:


#widerstand – #resistance (OmeU)

Monday, Jan. 13th, 8:30 pm
in presence of the director Britta Schoening

Germany 2019, 60 min, directed by Britta Schoening

Three young European women, three different views of “resistance”. Helene lives in solidarity with 400 refugees in the occupied Hotel City Plaza in Athens and wants to set an example against the border closures in Europe. Ingrid is a supporter of the new-right “Identitarian Movement” in Vienna, which propagates against “mass immigration and Islamisation”. Aïcha is a slam poet for the Muslim association “i,Slam”, and in her texts she campaigns against racial discrimination. All three women are in search of belonging and find it in different extremes.

In interviews and scenes of their everyday activism, the protagonists show us what they stand for and what they are fighting against. Helene builds a symbolic wall for a demonstration against the evacuation of occupied houses in Athens. Ingrid takes part in a nocturnal torch march to “commemorate the liberation of Vienna in 1683”, which ends with shouts of “end of the line for Multikulti”. Aïcha, on the other hand, seeks dialogue and appears at the Berlin House of Representatives to reach supporters of the AfD. The portraits are supplemented by video material with which the movements stage their images of resistance in the public sphere of the Internet.

Under a common hashtag, this documentary gives voice to three contradictory viewpoints and confronts the viewer with this burning question: which Europe do we want to live in together in the future?

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