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So 08

18:00  Doku-Doppel-Abend #2:
Ge8en + Hamburger Gitter

in Anwesenheit der Regisseur*innen Sibylle Kappes und Marco Heinig sowie Oliver von Dobrowolski (PolizeiGrün)
20:30  Berlin – Filme der Stadt
Mädchen in Koffer
in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Albrecht Hirche

Di 10

20:00  One World Berlin – Menschenrechte aktuell
XY Chelsea

mit anschließender Diskussion

Mi 11

20:00  Mietrebellen (OmeU)
in Anwesenheit des Filmteams
21:45  Parasite (OmeU)

Do 12

19:30  Parasite (OmeU)

Fr 13

keine Vorstellung 

Mi 18

18:00  Gundermann
20:15  Zurück auf Anfang
Cyril Tuschi: SommerHundeSöhne

in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs
22:30  Weitermachen Sanssouci (OmeU)

Fr 20

keine Vorstellung 

Di 24

keine Vorstellung 

Mi 25

keine Vorstellung 

Do 26

keine Vorstellung 

Fr 27

keine Vorstellung 

Di 31

keine Vorstellung 

Do 02

22:00  Jam (OmeU)

Fr 03

20:15  Parasite (OmeU)
22:30  Jam (OmeU)

Mo 06

20:00  Parasite (OmeU)
22:15  Jam (OmeU)

Di 07

20:00  Deckname Jenny (OmeU)
in Anwesenheit des Filmteams
22:30  Jam (OmeU)

Mi 08

22:15  Jam (OmeU)

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Asia Film Berlin präsentiert:

Saturday Asia

Preview: Jam (OmeU)

Saturday, Dec. 14th, 8:00 pm
with Asian finger food
© Rapid Eye Movies

Japan 2018, 102 min, written, directed & edited by Sabu, with Sho Aoyagi, Keita Machida, Noboyuki Suzuki, Shintaro Akiyama, Masayasu Yagi

A traditional ballad singer Hiroshi has enthusiastic middle-aged female fans. Takeru believes that by doing good things to others, he could cause a miracle to happen and cure his beloved girlfriend who is in coma. Tetsuo avenges himself on yakuza for putting him in a jail and now is chased by them. These three men’s paths are somehow intertwined and drawing them toward a showdown in Japanese cult director Sabu’s latest stylish, minor-key thriller “Jam”.

Presented by Asia Film Berlin.
Asia Film Berlin (AFB) plays a major role in introducing Asian films to international audiences. From the recent art films to classics, AFB has been distributing high-quality Asian films since 2016.
Starting March 2018, talented artists present films and performances in cooperation with AFB.